Spectacular Ordinary Organisation

“The Spectacular Ordinary Organisation has benefitted our organisations immensely. It was helpful in crystallizing what kind or organisation we want to be.”

– Peter Tarantal, World Evangelisation Network of South Africa

This is a one or two day process for understanding the Christian dynamics working in an organisation.

There are many ways to gain insight into what is happening in your organisation. The Spectacular Ordinary Organisation process focuses on the Christian dynamics working on and in your team, organisation or community. It offers insights that are rooted in a Christian understanding of how life and organisation are intended to work, and seeks to engage with your organisation from that rich and varied perspective. The Spectacular Ordinary Organisation is based around the book The Spectacular Ordinary Life (2008, Authentic)

At the event leaders gain:

  • An insight into what a healthy organisation looks like from a Christian perspective
  • An understanding of the quality of organisation’s spiritual life
  • Key questions that need to be asked if your organisation is going to keep its Christian shape
  • Insight from others on the Christian dynamics in your organisation
  • Areas which need addressing if you want your organisation to reflect the kingdom of God
  • A framework for decision-making so that you can remain focused on the kingdom of God
  • A model that can be explained to the people of your organisation that will shape their imaginations and world view
  • A way of understanding the critical and non-critical areas of organisational life
  • A model that can shape the imaginations of the people they lead
  • A way of discerning the critical and not so critical areas of organisational life

If you are interested in running the Spectacular Ordinary Organisation seminar in your church or organisation, please Contact Us.