School of Leadership

When these courses run consecutively, they make up the School of Leadership.

Leadership and Spirituality

Session one: The Framework

In this session we will see the importance of the framework in which leadership and spirituality move. There are 12 critical areas and 12 important questions that leaders need to engage if they are going to lead out of a rich Christian spirituality.

Session two: Jesus and Spirituality

We will see the nature of the inner life of Jesus before he goes into the final phase of his ministry. The centrality of his life with the Father and what was filling his imagination will be noticed. We will trace the implications of this for leaders who aspire to lead out of a rich life with God.

Session three: Jesus and Action

In this session we will see the way in which spiritual leaders transform the world. The image is of humility and love intermingled with dynamic action. We will notice the power that a leader has and how that power can be woven into a rich spiritual life.

Leadership and Mentoring

Session one: Introduction to Mentoring

The mentoring relationship is one of the most powerful things in the world. In this initial session we will look at what mentoring is and identify what we are trying to do when we mentor. All of us have been mentored in one way or other even if we have never had a mentor. So what is going on in this world of mentoring?

Session two: Models of Mentoring

We will look at some models of mentoring and see how they could fit into our lives. We will place a large emphasis on working with the narrative of your mentee and seeing how that integrates with the story of your own life.

Session Three: Practical Realities of Mentoring

In this final session we will look at the way mentoring relationships develop and work. We will look at critical questions which open up new areas of reflection and identify the characteristics of able mentors.

Leadership and Change

Session one: The Context and Introduction of Change

In this initial session we look at the big picture to which leaders have to pay attention when seeking to create change. We will also see how you introduce change into an organisation if you are going to do this well.

Session two: Embeding Organisational Change

What are the things a leader needs to do to make change stick? We will look at six primary ways a leader is able to transfer the vision, embeding it into the organisational culture.

Session three: Positioned for Change

In this final session we will look at the life of the leader making the change. What are the personal, pivotal characteristics that will make the difference to successful implimentation?

When these are run consecutively, they make up the School of Leadership.

These Leadership courses are quite flexible in delivery and can be tailored to the needs of your people and organisation. Typically these courses run over one day but can also be divided into smaller segments or expanded to allow for deeper application.

The outcomes of the Leadership courses are:

  • Well-integrated and focused leaders in their area of influence
  • Leaders who engage well with contemporary culture
  • The redefinition of success around growth rather than achievement
  • An adequate framework of contemporary leadership
  • Healthy Christian organisations.

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