Crack open the hours. Unravel the days.
Put aside your worthy but weary ways.
Say ‘It is good’. Put down your pen
And this time do not pick it up again.

For I will show you how to rest with Me.
How to be still – be less – be blessed with Me.
By quiet waters I will lead you till
Your churning, changing sea of thoughts is still.

In the cool of the evening we will go
And walk and talk like friends of long ago.
You’ll know no shame with me, no fear nor dread,
But only joy to know you’re loved, instead.

And after time has lead to space to see
How full of grace a simple life can be
You’ll let me prune your tangled vine,
and give Me leave to cut back all that cannot live

Then deep into the soil your roots will grow.
Mineral-rich, where truth and wisdom flow.
And I will bless your life with fruitful ways
Wherever you rest in the Ancient of Days.